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You need to insure your car but also you don’t want to pay a fortune to car insurance company, so you should compare car insurance quotes. You are lucky because moregeeklist team checked it out that car insurance prices across US for different driver profiles and coverage categories to find cheap car insurances. We’ve prefered to present the informations in different categories to give you an idea of average costs and which situations might be reason to your car insurance rate up — or even better, down.

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Companies, ranked by price

Firstly, we evaluate cheap car insurance firms for average annual rates for good drivers among all states for the seven largest car insurers in the United States below. Don’t forget that USAA isn’t ranked because it is only available to active military, veterans and their families.

How we determined the best car insurance among large companies

65% of the U.S. market for individual car insurance policies is made up by seven car insurance companies which are State Farm, Geico, Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual and Progressive, they are available to anyone, on the contrary USAA is available for active military members, veterans and their families.

Moregeeklist makes a comparison among cheap car insurance quotes from seven companies in postal codes across United States. “Good Driver” profile means that someone who is in his/her 40’s with credit in the “good” tier and no violations. Rated policies are for that include, in addition to any other coverage required in each state liability, collision, comprehensive, and coverages for uninsured/underinsured motorist ones.

Good to know that car insurance rates are averages from across the country, so car insurance prices in your area can be different. Credit history and former accidents can impact car insurance rates. So can age, marital status and other factors. So it’s important to compare car insurance quotes from more than one company to find your best rate.

Cheap car insurance companies


According to our research, State Farm is the cheapest car insurance company, you can see their offer for different profiles on the table above.


Our research results that Geico is the second-cheapest car insurance company for good drivers category, they offer averagely annual rate of $1,627. But we have a good news for bad credit drivers, Geico was the cheapest car insurance company! with an average rate of $2,635 per year.


The third place in the list of the cheapest car insurance companies in is Progressive, their offer for good drivers with  average rate of $1,828 year. But unluckily for drivers with an at-fault accident — Progressive’s average rate is  $3,361 per year — is one of the most expensive offer of the largest car insurance companies.


The fourth-cheapest car insurance company is Farmers, they came with an offer which average rate of $1,855 per year for good drivers. For drivers with one at-fault accident, Farmers is the second-cheapest insurer, showing an average rate of $2,668 per year.


Our research shows that Allstate is in the fifth place of the cheapest car insurance companies.


In the large car insurance companies, the most expensive one is Liberty Mutual, for good drivers, they offer an average rate of $2,752 per year. Not only good drivers, Liberty Mutual is the most expensive car insurance company for all driver profiles.


Because of availability to just active military, veterans and their families, USAA is not ranked in our list. However, it is by far the cheapest car insurance company for every driver profile. USAA’s average annual rates were $896 for good drivers, $1,247 for drivers with a recent at-fault crash and $319 for minimum coverage.

Cheap rates from small insurers


You don’t have to stick with large insurance companies, while you get a car insurance you should consider price and coverages which your policy includes. Small car  insurance companies may beat the lowest offers from the big guys, and often have great customer service.

You can check it out that annual average rates from some small car insurance companies.

The reason why we chose these companies is their low rates and availability in multiple states. On the other hand, Every time you can catch a cheaper opportunity in your state. For example, there are many Farm Bureau insurance companies available only in a single state — and they were often cheapest in our state-by-state analysis this year.

Cheapest one:  Liability-only car insurance


In most states, minimum coverage required car insurance is called liability insurance only, which covers property damage and medical bills for others due to accidents you cause and it is the cheapest one. Although Some states stipulate uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

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As you guess, you should pay more for car insurance policies with comprehensive and collision coverage , you don’t need to be worry in case your car is stolen or damaged. When you add these to liability and uninsured/underinsured coverages, it’s commonly considered “full coverage.”

Minimum vs. full coverage rates for the biggest companies

According to our research, excluding USAA, State Farm is the cheapest company for both full and minimum coverage, but Geico is also good option, minimum coverage price is only $17 more per year, on average.

Comparing quotes to get the cheapest

car insurance price

You don’t want to pay a fortune to car insurance and looking for the cheapest car insurance, first thing you should do is comparing quotes. Although your current insurer can offer the cheapest one, it can change, so check roughly once a year.

These tips will help you find the cheapest car insurance policy:

Look for discounts — even ask for them. There could be discounts you’re not taking advantage of. For instance, maybe you retired and are driving less than when you bought your policy. Mention that and you might get a low-mileage discount. Ask for all available discounts when you’re getting auto insurance quotes.

Rethink insurance limits and deductibles. A higher collision and comprehensive deductible might make sense if you rarely drive or are comfortable with the financial risk. Raising your deductible means you’d owe more out of pocket if you had to file a comprehensive or collision claim, but it’s a surefire way to get cheaper car insurance.

Know when to cut coverage. Don’t strip away coverage just for the sake of cheaper insurance. You’ll need full coverage car insurance to satisfy the terms of an auto loan, and you’ll want it as long as your car would be a financial burden to replace. But for older cars, you can drop comprehensive and collision coverage, which only pay out up to your car’s current value, minus the deductible.

Cash in on major life changes. Certain life events could translate to cheaper car insurance, so shop for quotes whenever something major changes in your life. For instance, many companies offer a lower rate for married couples or domestic partners. Or perhaps you moved to a suburb with lower accident and crime rates. If your risk for accidents goes down, your rates just might, too.

Revisit insurance quote comparisons. Be sure to shop for car insurance quotes just after the three- and five-year anniversaries of any accidents, tickets or moving violations, after which they may be dropped from your driving record.

You are looking for the cheapest car insurance quote but you are not sure how to make comparison among quotes, you can check out article about How Can You Compare Car Insurance Quotes??

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