Pixel Buds: Is it Google’s Revolution In Earbuds?

Google Pixel Buds are a pair of wireless earbuds which make you feel amazing during media listening, answering calls amazing. Even it allows you to translate languages, and express yourself through sleek design and intuitive controls.

Pixel buds with  case

Pixel Buds performance is impressive in a variety of settings including gym sessions, your daily commute, even at your home.

What can I do with them?


Answer a call

You can easily answer and end phone calls with your pixel buds.

Talk to your Assistant

Call on your Assistant for things like directions, news updates, or food recommendations without missing a step.

Translate a language

If  someone speaks a foreign language into your phone to seamlessly hear the translation through your Pixel Buds.

Listen to media

Access all of your favorite music, radio shows, and podcasts wirelessly with Pixel Buds.

A Review of Pixel Buds

Well, after introduce, we can talk about pixel buds review,

Despite many people who had bought the Pixel Buds give negative initial feedback, I decided to buy myself a pair. So how do they hold up now in 2019?

Pixel buds

Who use Pixel Buds?

They are for Google fanboys like me. If no one can tell you anything bad about anything Google, then you’ll like these because of the Google Assistant.

People who want to still be aware of their surroundings. Sound quality is not good because of the poor isolation, but be sure that you can’t hear what’s going on around you.

How is material quality?

The charging case of Pixel Buds is one of the biggest issues.On the other hand it’s also one of the best things about the headphones. It’s wrapped in a soft fabric that feels great in the hand.It makes for a great fidget toy, at least until you open it.

The headphones  which you’ll find in the case is, all wrapped up meticulously around a lip holds it in place. Unwrapping them is super easy, but placing them back is a hassle and I’m surprised this is the method Google chose to go with. If you need to put an instruction sticker on your product explaining how to correctly place them back in the case, maybe you should rethink your design. This was by far the most frustrating thing about the Pixel Buds. In the case,three small LED lights to show you how much battery life is left as well as a Bluetooth pairing button, and that’s it.

What’s up with connectivity?

Connsection gives  a plus to this device. The AirPods sound terrible, fit terribly, and look ridiculous, but connecting to is great. Luckily, the Pixel Buds live up to that in my experience somewhat. The initial setup processis super  simple. Unfortunately, you need Android 5.0 or higher on your device for it. 

Luckily, I just use it with my phone and the connection is perfect. They auto-connect when I take them out of the case, and automatically disconnect when I put them back in. On the other hand there is a slight lag when watching YouTube videos so sync up which is a huge miss that annoys me every time I watch a video.

What about real-time translation?

As you guess, when you use them with the Google Translate app, it is a great feaute. While I did use it with Spanish-speaking relatives to mild success, I can’t picture a use case where this is preferable to just using the Google Translate app that you need installed on your phone anyway.

Pixel buds

Battery life

Battery life of headphones was disappointing because even though they’re not connected, they are working approximately five hours of constant playback. In our testing, Pixel Buds has given a performance for four hours and 38 minutes of constant playback.

One good thing, the charging case give you a few extra charges that will total to one day playback and also has quick charging. Just ten minutes in the case will get you another hour of listening time. Additionally, USB-C charging  is great.

How is sound of Google Pixel Buds?

Sound quality on the Pixel Buds is stable  at best, and I think that reason why is mainly because of the lack of a proper seal. They don’t block almost any sound which is good if you need to hear outside, but if you want to  focus on your music,it is bad.

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